40 kW DHA 400


HF-Gen. 40 kW Air cooled

Description DHA 400 (dielectric)


The HF-generator DHA 400 has a rated output power of max. 40 kW.
The generator consists of 3 units: oscillator-, power- and control unit.
The oscillator is enclosed in a aluminum cabinet, one side is fitted with
a removable panel. The powering is contained in two mounted cabinets,
one of them contains rectifier and the high voltage transformer,
the other cabinet contains contractors and supervision units.
The anode and grid current instruments and control switches
are placed in the control unit.

Technical data:

Electrical connection: as specified 220-500V, 3-phase, 50 Hz or 60 Hz.
Power consumption at maximum output power: 70 kVA.
Frequency: app. 13,56 MHz.
Oscillator tube: ITL 15-2.
Rectifiers: Silicon diodes.

Dimensions (mm):

  Depth Weight (kg)
Oscillator: 860 2000 630 300
Powering: 2050 2000 450 800
Control box: 700 500 250 20