80 kW IHA 800

HF-Gen. 80 kW

Description IHA 800 


The HF-generator IHA 800 has a rated output power of max. 80 kW.
The generator is enclosed in a aluminum cabinet. Two sides of the generator are fitted with removable panels. Controls, instruments, HF-terminal and signal lamps are placed on the front of the generator, the mains and water connections on the opposite side.
The output power is continuous regulated from 10 to 100%. The capacitor battery contains six water cooled capacitors,
reversible to be adjusted to heat treatment of as well magnetic as unmagnetic material. The generator is equipped with a over load circuit breaker to avoid overloading and its also equipped with a time relay for the HF-time.

Technical data:

Electrical connection: as specified 220-500V, 3-phase, 50 HZ or 60 Hz.
Power consumption at maximum output power: 160 kVA.
Frequency: app. 300 kHz.
Oscillator tube: YD 1202
Rectifiers: Silicon diodes.
Weight: app. 1300 kg.
Water consumption: app. 30 l/min.