Hydraulic Piston

Hardening equipment for hydraulic piston.

Description HB 600 B


 The HF-generator IHA 600 has a rated output of max. 60 kW. The generator is enclosed in a aluminium cabinet. Two sides of the generator are fitted with removable panels.
Controls, instruments and the HF-terminal are placed on the front of the generator, and the mains and water connection on the opposite side.
The output power is continuous regulated from 10 to100%. The generator is equipped with a overload circuit breaker to avoid overloading.

Technical data:


Electrical connection: as specified 220-500V, 3-phase, 50 Hz or 60 Hz.
Power consumption at maximum output power: 120 kVA.
Frequency: app. 300 kHz.
Oscillator tube: YD 1202.
Rectifiers: Silicon diodes.
Water consumption: app. 30 l/min.
Weight: app. 1250 kg.

Hardening machine:

PLC controlled servomotor, length of stroke 200 mm.
Rotation of piston max. 600 rpm.
All parameters are set on a digital terminal.
Weight: app. 150 kg.