Shaft Hardening


Shaft hardening AHM 2000.



The shaft hardening machine AHM 2000 is designed for both progressive and stationary hardening. It consists of three units, a programming unit, a power unit and a hardening unit.The hardening unit consists of a servo controlled feeder mechanism which controls the work position, a fixture which fixes the work piece between two collets, an inductor to provide the power for hardening together with a quenching shower.The power source is a high frequency generator coupled to the inductor by copper bus bar. The heating process is controlled by a programmable logic controller. Maximum feed speed of the feeder mechanism is 200mm in 1.5 seconds with a start up ramp of 0.2 seconds.

Technical data:

Width   1320mm
Depth    1000mm
Height  2200mm

Power Supply

Three phase 400V, 50Hz
Single phase 230V, 50Hz 700W

Air pressure 3-4 bar

Maximum length of work piece 600mm
Maximum diameter of work piece 220mm
Maximum weight of work piece 30kg
Feeder maximum travel 600mm