Cooling system KS 92.0100-PV


The closed cooling system KS 92.0100-PV is made for cooling of HF-generators and similar equipment where a clean cooling water and controlled temperature is required.


Technical data:

The unit is built on a welded construction and consists of:
Pump type BNMD 20/140AE, with a capacity of 80 l/min. at 32 Mvp, motor 0,56 kW.
Tank of stainless steel containing 30 liters.
Heat exchanger, type B 25x30 Swep Reheat with cooling plates of stainless steel.
Thermostat, type AVTA 20, adjustable between 25-65 °C.

All components having contact with water are made of non rusting material
such as cupper, brass and stainless steel.
Weight: app. 50 kg.

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