HF-Gen. 200 kW

Description DHA 2000 (dielectric)

The HF-generator DHA 2000 has a rated output power of max. 200 kW. The generator consists of 3 units: oscillator-, power- and controlunit. The oscillator is enclosed in a aluminum cabinet, one side is fitted with a removable panel. The powerunit is contained in two mounted cabinets, one of them contains rectifier and the high voltage transformer, the other cabinet contains contractors and supervision units. The anode and gridcurrent instruments and control switches are placed in the controlunit.


Technical data:

Electrical connection: as specified 220-500V, 3-phase, 50 Hz or 60 Hz.
Power consumption at maximum output power: 400 kVA.
Frequency: app. 13,56 MHz.
Oscillator tube: YD 1212.
Rectifiers: Silicon diodes.

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