HF Teknik AB was started 1992 by Conny Küller. HF Teknik AB moved from Spånga, Stockholm to Norrtälje. That is were we are today. Conny Küller has been in the buisness since 1956.He started his career in Philips 1956.
In 2010 HF Teknik AB changed name to HF Energy AB, the new company's president is Tomas Küller, Conny is still in the company as board chairman.

HF Energy AB is a company which is manufacturing, developing and marketing highfrequency set-ups for a variety of applications.
HF Energy AB develop and produce high and middle frequency equipment for hardening, soldering and hot forging for different applications. We develop and produce equipment for our customers based on their specific requirements and demands.The conditions vary from one customer to another, and it takes a great deal of flexibility and creativity to find the best solution for each application. Our machines can be freestanding or part of an integrated production line. Our generator frequency capacity is 1 kHz – 27 kHz with an output power of 1kW and higher. The staff members have long experience of high frequency heating of very thin materials like tooth hardening of saw blades and edge hardening of punch knives. HF Energy AB develop and produce inductors and quenching equipment for different applications.

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