HF-Gen. 25 kW Air cooled

Description DHA 250 (dielectric) 

The HF-generator DHA 250 has a rated output power of max. 25 kW.

The generator is enclosed in a aluminum cabinet. Two sides of the generator are fitted with removable panels. Controls, instruments, main connections are placed on the front of the generator, and the HF-terminal on the opposite side. One side of the generator are fitted with three air filters. The heated air are distributed out through the roof and through the HF-terminal. The air through the HF-terminal decreases the condense in the electrode system. The generator is equipped with power- and grid control to adjust the generator when changing electrodes. It is also equipped with a separate control box.


Technical data:

Electrical connection: as specified 220-500V, 3-phase, 50 Hz or 60 Hz.
Power consumption at maximum output power: 50 kVA.
Frequency: app. 13,56 MHz or 27,12 MHz.
Oscillator tube: ITL 12-1.
Rectifiers: Silicon diodes.
Weight: app. 650 kg.

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