Melting Furnace

15kW HF-gen. with melting furnace.

This induction melting equipment is specially designed for melting of metals in research laboratories. Melting can be effected either in vacuum or in a gas atmosphere. The design of the furnace permits it to be repeatedly evacuated and flushed with gas. The system evacuation-gas-evacuation-etc., offers great advantages, particularly when melting oxidation-sensitive samples, such as ferro-alloys, with a large area (powder). The oxygen is "washed" away efficiently.

The melting furnace is particularly well suited for the preparation of.

  • Special reference, monitor and setting-up  samples for  spectrometric analysis. 
  • Special samples for testing of raw materials, e.g. scrap and ferro alloys. 
  • Slag samples via fusion with borax. 
  • Development of new types of material.  * Melting of powder.

The HF-generator has a stated effect of 15kW. The generator is sealed into an enclosed cabinet. The structual design consists of aluminum profiles with outer panels an fittings of aluminum. Two sides are fitted with removable shutters with special locks. The operating controls, instruments and HF-outlets are positioned on the front of the generator, water and power supply connections on the rear. The HF-generator is equipped with high and low impedance output terminals and a high-tension changeover switch. The output effect is continously adjustable by means of a knob on the generator's frontpanel, adjustment in the low-impedance range 60-100%. A synchronous-motor-driven time relay, adjustable from 0-6, 0-60 sec, 0-6, 0-60 min. and 0-6 hours, is built into the generator.


Examples of cut steel samples

Cast no Weight gm Diameter mm Melting time min
1 75 27 1
2 275 38 3
3 550 42 4
4 605 32 4
5 715 42 5
6 980 42 6
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